Fundraising for Social Causes

Pemphero is currently one of the biggest young philanthropists in Malawi. He has made a name with some quarters of the society as a political activist and has decided to use this influence for the best of those in need.

Recognizing that while Malawians philanthropy is so strong in other forms other than monetary such as where kids are raised in extended families or where stranger share water and food. The problem has been that turning such generosity into money donated to causes is met with distrust amongst certain quarters of Malawians.

Therefore, to give Malawian philanthropy a monetary face Pemphero is creating a platform for people to give thereby serving as a bridge between those able to spare something and those in need.

Here are a list of notable causes Pemphero has championed;

  1. In 2019 during the heavy rains, he organized a fundraiser for his constituency and donated food items and building materials to those whose houses had collapsed worth MK370,000. He reached out to almost 70 households in Chilobwe, Manja and Manase.
  2. In 2019, Pemphero was alerted of a broken pressure gauge for the Oxygen cylinder at the Queen Elizabeth Central hospital paediatric ward. The machine cost MK300,000 kwacha and in total more than 500,000 was raised. The pressure gauge and other accessories were purchased.
  3. This year, 2020 Pemphero was also alerted of a handicapped young man who is skilled in phone repairing. Unfortutately he lives about 35 kilometres from Blantyre city in T/A Kuntaja where there is no electricity. He needed a solar system for his workshop. Pemphero raised 580,000 and had his whole house electrified.

If you have any causes that you would like to supported, please email If it’s a cause that can be supported, Pemphero and team will take it on.