Mtukule Mzanko

Mtukule Mzanko is a Chichewa phrase that translates to “uplift your friend”. By fundraising from the general public, Pemphero has set up this innovative initiative that will seek to identify young, underprivileged entrepreneurs in their start-up phase that can be offered financial support as well as business management lessons.

For the inaugural grant, MK700,000 was raised between July, 2020 and August, 2020. With these funds, 712 young people applied to be considered for the grant. From these 5 were shortlisted and put up to a public vote. Two winners are yet to be announced and awarded 500,000 and 200,000 for the first prize and second prizes respectively.

The following were the shortlisted ideas.

  1. Ephraim Zulu and Others- Brick Moulding Company in Machinjiri.
  2. Samuel Chinsuku- Sells Irish potato seeds in Dedza.
  3. Mike Lulu Ten- Biomedical Engineering tech who is developing a Human Powered Nebulizer for delivering medications to respiratory disease patients.
  4. Thokodzire Chitedze- She makes sausages, fruit juices and yoghurts.
  5. Asaph Kayira- He keeps quails (Zinziri) for eggs and meat.

Please be on the lookout for the announcement of winners. The call for applications was closed on 20th August. For future applications be on the lookout. To support future projects, please contant Pemphero Mphande through