Announcing Winners of the Mtukule Mnzako Grant 

Oct 12, 2020 | News | 0 comments

After a lengthy process that involved soliciting funds, calling for applications of which 712 were received, scrutinizing each one of them and voting on the final five, I’m pleased to announce today that we finally have our two winners;

1. Mike Lulu Ten of who pitched his idea to develop a human powered Nebulizer has come out on top with 41% of the total vote. He has won MK500,000 to support his initiative.
Mike is 25 years old and hails from Salima district and  currently lives in Mulanje.
After graduating from MUST in 2019 with a biomedical engineering degree, he started a company called Biotronic Medical Technologies. While the company offers maintenance of medical equipment, installation, calibration etc, they now want to be designing and manufacturing locally medical devices. As of now they have developed a human powered Nebulizer. It will be used to deliver medication to patients with respiratory diseases. They needed capital to build its prototype and 500,000 will be more than enough. Congratulations to Mike and his company!

2. Asaph Kayira who pitched his idea of a lucrative livestock business has comes second with 30.3 of the total vote. He has won MK200,000 to support his initiative.
Asaph is 25 years old and lives in Blantyre while he hails from Rumphi district.
He ventured into livestock farming in 2020. Has invested in quail farming for production of eggs and meat. He currently has 25 quails and wants to have 1500 by October. In supporting his business plan, we hope it could fast turn into a multimillion company with several employees.
Further to this, he wants to use the quail waste to produce manure and place them in clay pots for flowers. With our support can have something to buy incubators and other necessities for his business. Congratulations Asaph!

Following this, we will disburse cash later this week and organize an award ceremony later in Blantyre where you will all be invited. On my own behalf and of Brian Chumbi, the project’s manager and all who were involved in the debut Mtukule Mnzako grant, thank you all for your support!


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