Linda Mulamba: The Proposition

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Mayamiko held the worn out jersey to herself as she walked down the deserted street. The jersey was old and had holes, it provided little to no warmth. The rain had started in the afternoon and persisted till it was time for her to knock off in the late afternoon. Her madam had asked her to get the guest room ready for her son who was returning from the Netherlands later that evening and so Mayamiko had to knock off long after the sun had gone down. She picked up the pace as she went past a street light as a fancy red car quickly went past her going the same direction. Her thoughts went to the hole on the roof of her house, which she knew was letting in the rain into house. She hoped her sleeping mattress had been spared of the rain water so that she could at least have a warm, dry place to sleep that night.

Her attention was suddenly drawn to a black car that was approaching from the opposite direction. It was a big, black expensive looking car. All the cars in this neighborhood looked expensive. Not at all like the few that often went past her house. She looked away and pulled the jersey tighter around herself as the car went past. She was feeling cold and hoped she would not come down with something due to the exposure to the elements. She did not notice the car that had made a U-turn and was now heading in the same direction as her. The car slowed next to her as the driver’s window rolled down.

“Hello Aunty.” The occupant of the car called startling her. She had not noticed him and suddenly became frightened as she looked at him. She had heard about rich, old men in fancy cars stopping for young girls in order to coax sex from them. She had also heard about young women being killed for their private parts. She did not stop but kept walking as she looked at him. This was not an old man and she immediately noticed his kind, tired eyes. “Where are you going?” he asked when he realized he was not getting a response from her. She was not going to entertain this man and she turned away before picking up the pace. “I want to offer you a lift home.’ He said accelerating a little in order to keep up with her.

“I am not a prostitute.” She said eyes in front as she walked avoiding portholes on the road.

“I am aware of that madam.” He said with some amusement in his voice. She heard the amusement in his voice and was very annoyed. Did he think he could stop his fancy car and mock her because she was poor? Because she seemed helpless walking in the rain at night? Did he think she was desperate to get into his fancy car and ask him for his money? Mayamiko was an orphan and had not gone far with school but she was a proud woman. She did not believe in being given money by rich men like most of her friends. She was a hard worker and believed in earning money the right way and spending it wisely. Her money was peanuts and she lived hand to mouth and could barely make ends meet, but she was not one to accept handouts. She had been on her own since she was sixteen years old. Did this man think she was his fool? Did he think he could make fun of her because of her predicament?

“I don’t need a lift from you.” She said turning towards him for the first time. “I am very capable of walking.” She said. He seemed taken aback by her response and she looked at him simply as he was speechless. She then turned and walked off quickly. She got home about twenty minutes later and found half her mattress soaked. She slept on the other half and pulled her thin blanket over her face.

It was a busy day at work the following day as the madam was hosting a party to welcome her son back home. Mayamiko was up and down cleaning and cooking that morning. The first guests arrived shortly after two pm that afternoon. She was holding a tray of lemonade at the entrance as guests started arriving. It was while there when she noticed a face that was familiar to her. The man had an arm around a woman’s waist and they left a rich perfume scent as they walked past her. The man was familiar but she could not place him. The last of the guests got dinks from the tray before the madam signaled her to go set the table. She went into the kitchen and got cutlery before going into the spacious dining table before she started dressing the table.

“I see you got home in one piece.” A voice opposite the table said. She looked up to the familiar eyes and it was then that she could place the man she had seen earlier; he was the man from the previous night. She looked away not sure what to say. She suddenly felt embarrassed having been rude to one of madams guests.

“Is the table ready?” the madam asked walking into the room from the lounge. “Adam, what are you doing disturbing Maya?” she asked looking at the man. Mayamiko suddenly recognized the name. This man was the son madam had often mentioned. She looked at him fully finally noticing his neat handsome features. He was tall, dark in complexion and had a neat trim in the head and beard. She felt an instant attraction to towards him. He was everything she looked for in a man. She felt butterflies in her stomach when his eyes suddenly met hers. She quickly looked away and continued dressing the table. Lunch was served half an hour later and through closely observing the people Maya knew that Adam was there with the woman he had arrived with. She noticed how the woman could not keep her hands off Adam even as they ate. After lunch the guests went into the back yard for cocktails and snacks. Mayamiko and the other maid gathered the plates before going to the kitchen to wash up. She then went back outside to the guests and started serving snacks. She looked around and noticed Adam staring at her from the other side of the yard. She felt her cheeks go burn before she turned away abruptly. The party went on well into the night before the end of the night. She had finished cleaning up and was on her way out the front door when she heard her name being called.

“Wait for me, I should get my keys. I’ll give you a lift home.” Adam said coming from behind. Mayamiko looked around the room for the madam who she knew would not permit him to go out. She did not want to get in the car with this man, she did not trust herself to be friendly towards him. She knew her job depended on it so she kept silent as they drove off into the night. They both kept their gazes on the road as he drove into the main road. Sometime later he drove up to the small house she called her home. She opened the door to get out of the car. “How can you live in a house like that?” he asked drawing her gaze. On his face she saw what looked like a combination of shock and disgust. His facial expression angered her.

“We weren’t all born with a silver spoon in our mouths.” She said getting out of the car and shut the car door.

“Get back into the car.” He said after he had gotten out. She looked at him confused at his command, she noticed the stern look on his face as he stared back at her.

“Why would I do that?” she asked simply.

“Because I asked you to.” He replied simply.” You cannot live here.”

“I have lived here for years” she said.

“You will not live here any longer.” He said walking to the passenger side of the car. He opened the door and held it so that she could get into the car.” Let me take care of you.” He said noticing her hesitation. She studied him closely before she quietly got into the car. That night he dropped her off at a hotel where she spent the night in luxury. She had never been in such a lovely room. She spent an hour in the gigantic bath tub before she went to bed. He picked her up the next morning and they went to a clothing store where he purchased a few items of clothing for her. He then drove to a hair dresser where he gave instructions on how he wanted her hair to be styled. She had natural thick curly hair so he asked for it to be straightened and moisturized. He went outside where he stayed for quite some time talking on the phone. Once she was all dolled up, he drove them to a fancy restaurant where he quickly ordered a meal for both of them. She watched as he ordered a bottle of wine.

“This is all nice and I really appreciate the gesture but I have to go to work.” She said looking at him. She hadn’t spoken all day and her sudden speaking seemed surprise him.

“You’re never going back to that house again.” He said simply.

“Excuse me?”

“I think you heard me.” He said as a waiter walked over to their table with a bottle of wine before he poured some into their glasses. She watched silently before her gaze turned back towards the man sitting across the table. He picked up his glass of wine and took a sip before his gaze turned towards her. “ You no longer work for my mother.” He said simply placing the glass on the table.

“I don’t know who you think you are but I don’t have to sit here and listen to this.” She said pushing her chair back before rising to her feet.

“Sit down.”

“No!” she said firmly as she started to walk off.

“You are free to leave.” He said after her.” But if I were you, I would sit down so we can talk about my proposition.” He said making her stop in her tracks.

“What proposition?” she asked turning around and looking at him as he took another sip of his wine.

“You will sit down in that chair.” He said pointing to the chair she had been occupying earlier.” We will have lunch and talk like two consenting adults.” He said leaning back in his seat, looking up at her.  She looked at the chair before looking back at him. This man confused her and he seemed to be enjoying himself. He smiled simply as she walked back to the chair and sat down.


  1. Takondwa kamtangwala

    Beautiful story, you have left me in suspense

    • Jones Longwe

      Oo woww this is real literature
      Lovely story well written
      I like it 💥💥💯

  2. Paul Anastanzio cngini

    The story is cool. I like it but we’ve been left in great suspense. Did the man marry her? Did he just give her something so that she could start up her life better?

  3. Leezee matiyankhoma

    Wow interesting story…

  4. Matambudziko Angu

    Beautiful piece

  5. Mbauwo

    Ive been left in suspense

  6. Chikondi Kandulu

    Beautiful story. Clear and good grammar

  7. Thokozani Msonkho

    Beautiful peace of writing. Malawi has brains

  8. Dee

    Was eager to know what happened to Mayamiko and Adam. Or is this the type of story where you are left in suspense about the ending? It was good, so catchy but I feel it’s way too incomplete

  9. Benjamin chigwenembe

    Aw how I wish if this was finished

  10. Bright

    Wow , this is so touching hey. Beautiful story to read

  11. Nelson kabotcho


  12. Gloria

    Interesting….by why is it short???

  13. Bustan Sav

    The story is good overall. Its full of vocabulary and imagery. Its dialogue is much simpler and the narrator induces the audience to read more and have curiosity. However, I think the author shouldn’t have left it on suspense.

  14. Mercy Wina

    and I quote”what proposition”

    waiting for part 2 please.

  15. Bertha Banda

    This is a nice story koma nde yatisiya mmalele 🤔

  16. Thandi

    Interesting and captivating. Clear writing. The bit about having all that spent on her that early in the story seems far-fetched. Overall, good writing, I enjoyed reading this and keen to find out how the story unfolds.

  17. Victoria

    Is this a fictional story?


    Read 8 of 10 so far… This one deserve a good place.


    Read 8 of 10 so far… This one deserve a good place.

    • Jones Longwe

      As if they should be part two😭
      This is a nice story 💯💯

  20. annabel mphande

    nice work keep it up


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