The Biggest Mistake of My Life Pemphero Kamiza

Feb 13, 2024 | 2023 Competition, Secondary School Prize, Short Story Competition | 0 comments

‘Where is that stupid, useless man that calls himself my husband?’ Shouted Angelina.

‘I am here,’ I replied. Before I stood up to ask what was wrong, I had already received a dirty slap on my cheek.

‘Where is the money I asked you to give me for my hair?’ Angelina shouted again. When I recalled that father taught me never to lay my hand on a woman, I held my temper. I walked out and went to my room while holding my cheek, and thought to myself how someone would slap you because of your own money.

I sat on my bed and remembered my youthful days. I had a very beautiful, humble and polite girlfriend. Her name was Naphiri. We first met at an annual cultural festival in our village. She hailed from a nearby village. She was learning at a different school. She participated in the cultural dance. Her dancing skills attracted me. We fell in love.

Naphiri had a shining face like the morning star. Her smile reflected the definition of beauty. Her skin was as smooth as a mirror. She was Aphrodite.

I recalled the day Naphiri held my hand under a mango tree and whispered to my ears that she loves me. Then we looked at each other. Her eyes twinkled, signalling that she would always be there for me.

Whenever I missed Naphiri, I would go to her house and throw a stone on their roof; that way she knew it was me and sneaked out of their house through the backyard. It became a habit to see her every day. I could not sleep without seeing her or hearing her melodious voice.

Our parents did not know about our relationship for we chose to keep it a secret until we were through with our education. We tried our best to hide our love because if her father had known, I would have been God-knows-where by now.

One unfortunate day, Naphiri and I were under a mango tree escaping from the cruel October sun while expressing our love feelings. Without notice, her father appeared like a ghost. My heart was beating so fast and I was shivering as if I had Malaria fever.

‘Goo……., Goo…. Good morning, sir! I …’

‘What are you doing with my daughter you good-for-nothing monster?’ The father asked.

‘I ….. I …. I was ….’ A big slap landed on my left cheek before I completed my defensive sentence. The slap made me almost deaf. I took to my heels for my dear life without even turning my head.

As if her virtues were not enough for me, Naphiri was the best in preparing local delicious meals. The aroma of her food would rise and fill all the neighbourhood.

‘Did you hear what I said? I said I need money for my hair!’ Angelina spoke on top of her voice while banging the door.

I did not reply, pretending I did not hear her. I regretted how I landed into this mess. Later, I remembered how my father and I went to pay dowry so that I would marry her. Unfortunately, her father sent us back. He gave me a condition that her daughter would marry me only if I succeed with school.

Time flew. In no time, I was in college where I met Angelina. She was pretty as well. She was modern and fashionable. The little time I spent with Angelina, I was convinced that I deserved a modern lady for marriage. I dumped Naphiri for Angelina. I wanted to be modern.

‘Open the door now before I break it!’ She shouted on top of her voice, sounding like thunder due to anger.



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